"Faith" Schools

Around a third of all state-funded schools are schools 'with a religious character' or ‘faith' schools, and this number is growing, with some minority religions and Christian denominations running new schools, or taking control of increasing numbers of schools in the state sector, or of academies.

Faith schools are exclusive, divisive and counterintuitive to social cohesion. Despite claims of inclusiveness, many have control of their own admissions, creating school populations that are far from representative of their local populations in religious or socio-economic terms.

Many also discriminate in their recruitment and employment on religious grounds. Applicants can be rejected and teachers barred from promotion because they are not of the ‘right’ religion, or of no religion, or because of their sexual orientation. Teachers can also have their contracts terminated while in post if their conduct is deemed incompatible with the tenets of the school’s religion.

In addition, many faith schools teach - instead of the RE taught in community schools - their own syllabus of 'RE' which the law permits to be confessional and which does not have to include learning about other religions or about Humanism.

Read more about the British Humanist Association (BHA) campaign for the abolition of "faith" schools.

"Faith" Schools in West Sussex

Religious organisations are taking over existing schools and building new ones, including academies.

West Sussex Humanists would like to hear from any resident who is concerned about any issue regarding "faith" schools and academies in their area. Email your local representative (see Local Groups) or Andrew Edmondson or make a post in the forum.


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