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Humanist UK Celebrants Available to Work in West Sussex

This is a list of celebrants in the area who are trained and accredited by Humanists UK. This means that they are part of a national network of celebrants, who are committed to humanist ideals. Humanists UK celebrants are regularly peer-reviewed, fully insured, and have the benefit of working as part of a team. The list below indicates where celebrants are based, and which ceremonies they do. Please note that celebrants will generally travel further to conduct weddings and namings than funerals, so for funerals you may wish to start with the celebrant who is based nearest to you.

You can also find Humanist UK celebrants on their website: https://humanism.org.uk/ceremonies/find-a-celebrant/


Katy Barrett


[email protected]

Weddings and Baby Namings

“I enjoy working with people and am proud to have had a long career in the NHS as an occupational therapist. As a Humanist Celebrant I work closely with couples and their families, to produce inclusive and meaningful ceremonies that reflect their values. Equality issues are important to me -  I welcome the opportunity to conduct ceremonies within the LGBTQA and BME communities, and for people with disabilities.”



Jane Blackman

07814 208087·
[email protected]

Namings, Weddings, Funerals

“I am Jane Blackman - a Humanist Wedding, Funeral and Naming Celebrant who has created and officiated at, hundreds of ceremonies over several years. I live in West Sussex and I am privileged to provide bespoke and personal non-religious ceremonies, across Sussex and along the South Coast (travelling further afield or abroad can be discussed and arranged as required). Please go to my website (where you’ll also find links to my Facebook pages), for further information about my ceremonies, testimonials and photographs of me at work. If you have any questions about the ceremonies I offer, I’d be happy to speak over the phone or by email - please feel free to get in touch to ask, with no obligation - I look forward to hearing from you!” 


Ginnny Collins


01306 509087·
07745 379428·
[email protected]

Namings, Weddings, Funerals

“The ceremonies I conduct are deeply personal: Weddings for couples who don’t want church or civil marriage laws governing how or where they celebrate their love and commitment; naming ceremonies that welcome a new addition to the family and involve other people in the child’s life; and non-religious funerals (also called celebrations of life, or memorials) which are dignified, appropriate, relevant and meaningful.” 


Natasha Gray


01737 826966·
07734 581184·
[email protected]


“As a humanist wedding celebrant, I really enjoy working with a couple to create and conduct a ceremony that is bespoke, personalised, inclusive and meaningful to them. Many couples choose to hold an initial meeting via Skype/Facetime, then we can have a longer creative consultation face to face (or online again). Couples are able to review, suggest edits and approve the ceremony script weeks before their wedding day. Humanist ceremonies are a chance for you to have a unique ceremony, that reflects you as individuals and as a couple, and can include your family and friends. Some couples choose to include rituals that reflect their backgrounds, like smashing the glass, or the ancient Celtic ritual of hand-fasting, from where the English expression 'to tie the knot' comes! I'm happy to travel, and speak Spanish (well) and basic French and German, so I can learn some of the ceremonies in other languages when required. I like animals, and I'm happy to include dogs, cats or rabbits as ringbearers in the ceremony when desired.

Also, I'm very LGBTQ-friendly; to me, love is love.”


Richard Hackett


01489 579365·
07545 025366·
[email protected]

Namings, Weddings, Funerals

“Everyone has a story and I regard it as a privilege to help to tell that story with respect and dignity, in accordance with their wishes, their beliefs and with the support of their families and friends. Very many people do not believe in a god but they show humanity, respect and love for their fellow human beings. This is the essence of Humanism and is at the heart of a Humanist ceremony.” 


Ed Hardy


01428 714158·
07753 679050·
[email protected]

Weddings and Funerals

I create and conduct beautiful, bespoke, humanist weddings for anyone who wants a non-religious ceremony.I live near Farnham in Surrey, and whether you’re planning to get married down the road from me or on the other side of the world I’ll do everything I can to help you create the wedding that’s perfect for you.If you’ve already got some ideas of your own then I can build your wedding around them – and if not then I can help you with ideas for everything from venue to music choices, vows to readings and everything else you might want. I spent twenty-five years working in marketing and advertising agencies so I relish the opportunity to think creatively!”


Felicity Harvest


01892 783226

07708 933607

[email protected]


Namings, Weddings, Funerals

“I was brought up as an atheist, but I never liked defining myself by a negative.  Then almost 30 years ago I discovered humanism, and I realised that that was exactly what I was.  The humanist values, doing the very best we can to live a good life and support others to do so, are absolutely my values.  For the last 8 years, I have had the privilege of working with all kinds of people to celebrate very special moments in their lives, in a way which is entirely personal and created with and for them.  I have done namings on cliffs and on beaches, weddings at music festivals and in B&Bs, and though many funerals are still in crematoria or cemeteries, it’s good to work with people to go beyond those confines and do memorials in places which mattered to the deceased, be it their own living room or the golf club.  If you have any type of ceremony you want to discuss, please do give me a ring”


Pat Jay

Tunbridge Wells

01892 522844·
07967 327437·
[email protected]


Namings, Weddings, Funerals

"With my background in education and having conducted ceremonies of all kinds for several years now, I am as fascinated as ever by people’s lives.  The universal human desire to mark life’s watersheds is as strong as ever.  I aim to make your ceremony fit you and your life and values. I listen carefully to your wishes, then translate emails, conversations, readings and anecdotes into a complete, memorable and moving script.  You contribute to it, see it, and approve the final version.  I respect individual beliefs, and I am happy to include customs from other cultures.  I aim to make everyone feel included and able to participate in some way. Feel free to ring if you would simply like to talk over your ideas."


Debbie Martin


Debbie Martin
01273 929332·
07748 902174·
[email protected]


Funerals and Namings

“I  work with individuals and families to create dignified and meaningful ceremonies. I have a background in Social Work and many years experience of working with older people and their families. I cover Brighton & Hove, East and West Sussex and make home visits at a time to suit you.“


Simon Smith


07768 978966·
[email protected]

Weddings, Funerals

“Hello, I am Simon Smith, I am a Humanists UK Celebrant in Brighton and Hove. I don’t believe in gods, goddesses or supernatural powers….but I do believe in the importance of community and the value of ritual, or ceremony, as an important part of our social experience. Rituals bring people together for a common purpose, they create everlasting bonds and celebrate wonderful lives. I aim to create and deliver ceremonies that are unique,  meaningful,  and personal. People tell me I am a kind, funny, pragmatic, approachable and creative man. I have lived in Brighton for nearly 25 years and for almost all that time worked in the media industry, a lot of it for the BBC. I am a widower, so have experience of Love and Loss, and Love again. I also have three young daughters to keep me on my toes. I consider myself very lucky to have become a celebrant and feel privileged to be of service at what are very important times in people’s lives.”


Melissa Noble
07981 606449


"Hello, my name’s Melissa and I’m a Humanist funeral celebrant living in Brighton.  I work mostly in East and West Sussex but I’m happy to consider travelling further afield.    I became a Celebrant after a period of pondering how I could combine the skills accrued over twenty+ years working in Social care with the love I have of storytelling and writing.  I am told that I am warm, funny, creative and kind.   I think that the right kind of funeral can help us to look to the future whilst honouring the past.   I will work with you to create a ceremony that feels like the best and most fitting tribute possible.



Gill Purnell



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