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Croianna BradshawCroiannaBradshaw

I conduct Humanist and non-religious funerals, memorials, weddings, partnerships and namings around the South East and occasionally overseas.

I have many years’ professional experience of working with people to devise ritual marking the most important events in their lives.  I have become aware through this work that in our increasingly secular society, the lack of meaningful and dignified ritual is a real problem.

My aim as a celebrant is above all to allow those without a religious faith to have ceremonies as powerful, beautiful and memorable as any other.  I believe this is something which we all deserve.

Working closely and carefully with each family, I aim to make every ceremony unique.  My job is to use my experience and skills to help you find the most meaningful way to express and share your time of change, be it the joy of marriage or a new arrival, or the loss of a loved one.  Funerals can, of course, positively celebrate a life well lived, but must also allow those who are bereaved to express their grief as part of the transition to a place where the memories can be preserved and treasured.

Whatever the ceremony you may be planning, you are bound to have questions.  Please do feel welcome to contact me – I will be delighted to discuss things with you.

Email: Croianna Bradshaw

Tel: 07989746580

Felicity HarvestNew_FelicityHarvest

My name is Felicity Harvest, and I am a British Humanist Association trained celebrant for weddings, partnerships and namings. I live in East Sussex, with my husband, and between us we have three grown-up children.

I have believed in humanist principles all my life, but formally discovered the BHA when looking for material for my daughter’s naming ceremony over 20 years ago, and have been a member ever since. I have used BHA celebrants for family funerals, and for my own marriage, so I know from personal experience what a rewarding experience these ceremonies can be, with their personal focus, and emphasis on how we live our lives.

I started my working life as a theatre designer, then went on to run several different organisations including a cinema and an environmental project. I then worked in arts funding and development, finishing that part of my career as Regional Executive Director for the Arts Council here in the South East. Training as a celebrant has meant that I can bring my belief in humanism together with both my creativity, and a number of straightforward, useful skills I have learned over the years like listening, being organised, and making myself heard!

I have a strong personal commitment to equality of opportunity, and am always interested in drawing on elements of different cultures when creating ceremonies.

Tel: 01892 783226

Email: Felicity Harvest

Martin WoollerMartin-Wooller

Martin Wooller has been a celebrant since 2001, conducting funerals, weddings, child naming and celebrations of civil partnerships.

I work mainly in and around Brighton and the south coast of England, East and West Sussex as far as Worthing and Eastbourne.

I also take a number of Humanist Weddings each year abroad, mostly in France and Italy. I often work with couples currently living overseas, who wish to have a wedding ceremony in England.

My interest in conducting funeral ceremonies arose after I had, sadly, been to a number of funerals myself, and felt that there must be a way of talking about a person that was better than the routine, impersonal services I was seeing.

I have now conducted over four hundred funerals. I conduct both funerals which have a strong Humanist philosophy, and also those which are more generally non-religious rather than overtly Humanist.

Our ceremonies cater for families where the deceased may have had strong views about not participating in religion, or perhaps had simply chosen not to sign up to any particular religious practice in their lifetime, and their family want to respect that view in the funeral service.

I also conduct Humanist and non-religious wedding ceremonies, leading around ten weddings each year. See some more information about my weddings.

Martin was Chair of the British Humanist Association Ceremonies Management Committee 2008 – 2010 and was re-elected for a further 3 year term in August 2010.

He was a member of the Humanist Ceremonies training team.

Martin lives in central Brighton with his wife, while his three grown children live and work in and around London.

When not conducting ceremonies or involved in national BHA duties, Martin carries on a proud family tradition of involvement in the work of former Indian Civil Service (ICSA) and sits on the board of BACSA (The British Association for Cemeteries in South Asia).

81, Centurion Road
Brighton BN1 3LN

Email: Martin Wooller

Tel: 07879698519

Ray MarshRayMarsh

My name is Ray Marsh. I have more than twelve years of experience as a Humanist Officiant/ Celebrant for Non-Religious ceremonies, including Weddings, Namings and Funerals.


I write, prepare, and conduct meaningful ceremonies without recourse to religion. Each ceremony is unique, appropriate, and personal.  I’m now based in both Sussex and North Hertfordshire and probably best described as an ageing hippy – but not in appearance! (Shorter hair nowadays - and smart suits and ties are usually the order of the day for most ceremonies)


You don’t have to be a ‘humanist’ – most people who decide to have a Humanist Officiant are simply looking for a non-religious ceremony and the opportunity to be involved in planning it. My prime concern is to ensure that your ceremony reflects your own wishes and your own life stance.


It is my strong personal conviction that people should have the option of a ceremony that is right for them – rather than the standard civil or religious format with their names just slotted in.

Email: Ray Marsh

Tel: 01243-829731 or 07769923555

Simon BinnsSimonBinns

I live in Brighton, I was born and bred in Sussex but lived in London for twenty years. My background was initially in performance, I was a stage actor for fifteen years. I then returned to university to study anthropology after which I worked in the public sector, specialising in equality, diversity and race awareness. I am now studying towards a post graduate diploma in Bereavement Care and Counselling.

A stroke at the age of 47 and the subsequent deaths of both of my parents, changed my life. I resigned from my job and I was moved to re-train as a British Humanist Association celebrant. My mother had insisted on a non-religious funeral and I was very touched by the simplicity and personal focus of the ceremony. I am now fully recovered and have conducted over one hundred and fifty funeral ceremonies

I am deeply committed to bringing meaningful, non-religious rites at the end of life. I think it is important that those of us who do not adhere to any religious doctrine are given the opportunity celebrate the lives of our loved ones with dignity, love, honour and joy and to give them their rites of passage in a manner befitting their lives and beliefs.

As our society moves away from the established church there is a growing need for those key moments in our lives to be marked with meaningful, thought provoking and personal ceremonies. I draw on my experiences as a performer and as an anthropologist to create unique funeral ceremonies and rites of passage. Each of my ceremonies is written for the individual concerned;  incorporating music, readings and personal reflections.  I will be guided by the wishes and culture of the family and I will use traditional words and rites if wanted but I will also incorporate new words and rituals to create a ceremony that celebrates the life of your loved one with dignity, love, joy and warmth.

Nowadays almost anything can be included in a funeral ceremony and end of life celebration, and I will support your family and loved ones to be involved as much or as little as they wish. It is most important to me that you, your loved ones and your family get the ceremony that you want and that is meaningful to you.

The same applies to any ‘rite of passage’ ceremony; be it a wedding, affirmation of commitment, a naming, coming of age, birthday or significant anniversary, even passing an exam; all of these can be marked by some kind of ceremony, ritual or public sharing.  We all have a deep need to mark the significant points on our lifelines with shared experiences. I believe that we can still mark these points with our own, personal ceremonies, created to give light and meaning to us and those around us. Rituals bind us together as communitarian and social beings.

So please do get in touch if there is anything you wish to ask or discuss.

Tel: 01273 725 578 or 077 920 9060

Email: Simon Binns

Stephen Young StephenYoung

Weddings, Affirmations and Baby Namings

More and more people across the UK are seeking humanist ceremonies to mark the important moments in their lives. These include not only funerals, memorials, weddings and baby namings, but also other individual and personal ceremonies, like anniversaries and adoption ceremonies. Humanist ceremonies are available across the country through a network of celebrants, who, like me, are trained and accredited by the British Humanist Association.

About me

I am a Hove-based celebrant who has been a humanist for many years - originally, without even realising it! I decided to become a celebrant after experiencing the humanist funeral of my mother, and later, attending a friend's humanist wedding ceremony. Being a celebrant combines my personal beliefs as a humanist, and a career which involves speaking at conferences and events around the world. I have written books, reports and magazine articles, so I have  had a lot of practice as a writer - excellent background for preparing the script for your ceremony! I am also CRB checked. To find out more about me, click here.

About your ceremony

Humanist ceremonies are tailored and personalised. The ceremony which I write and deliver for you will reflect your personalities and your wishes. Your ceremony can include recorded or live music, poems or prose, which can be read or performed by family and friends. Or I can suggest readings and music, and I will read them if you wish. You may choose to include a symbolic exchange of gifts. It really is up to you!

It's your choice

Whether you are considering a wedding, an affirmation or a naming, your humanist ceremony can take place wherever you choose, except, of course, at a religious building or site. You might wish to have a ceremony at home, in the garden, in a school or college, in the back room of a pub, or in a building hired for the occasion - I have performed ceremonies in a living room in Brighton and in a mansion on the edge of Brighton, a private garden deep in the countryside, a village hall in Sussex, a Georgian mansion in London's Belgravia, a field on a Surrey farm, and in the garden of a Normandy chateau. The ceremony can be as formal or as informal as you wish: the choice is limited only by your imagination and by what is practical.

PO Box 5208
BN52 9JZ
Tel: 0845 094 5581


Jane BlackmanJaneBlackman

My name is Jane Blackman, I live in West Sussex and take Humanist and non-religious weddings, baby namings, funerals and memorial ceremonies in Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey and along the South Coast. I can discuss traveling further afield as required.
I am trained and accredited by the BHA (British Humanist Association) and work closely with families and couples to create and lead ceremonies that are bespoke, personal and as sensitive as possible to the needs and wishes of all clients.
Having taken well over a hundred ceremonies, it is a privilege to meet and work with people from all walks of life and from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. It is always an honour to create and lead deeply meaningful celebrations and services as people are marking key moments in their lives.
I write and take ceremonies that have a Humanist philosophy, but equally I deliver those which are more generally non-religious. You certainly do not have to be a Humanist to have a Humanist ceremony!
I am very happy to be contacted by phone or email to help you make an informed choice for the future, or just to answer any questions you may have.

Please email me at: [email protected]

Or call me on: 07814 208087

Please email me at: [email protected]

Visit my website: www.humanist.org.uk/janeblackman

Or call me on: 07814 208087


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