Religion and schools

Many of our state-funded schools are ‘faith schools’, which can select pupils and staff based on their religious preference. This limits the choice of non-religious parents and amounts to discrimination against non-religious teachers.

The national curriculum gives schools free reign to teach religious education as they wish. As a result, many schools teach a biased syllabus. We believe pupils should be taught equally about all major world faiths and non-religious belief systems. Faith schools can also interpret other syllabus areas in accordance with their beliefs. This can result in pupils receiving biased information in personal, social & health education lessons or not learning about evolution.

We are affiliated to the Accord coalition, which promotes inclusive schools. The coalition believes state schools should: not discriminate in their admissions procedures or employment policies; follow an objective, fair and balanced syllabus; and provide inspiring assemblies, rather than acts of worship. ACCORD logo

Abandoned campaign:

For over 6 years, West Sussex County Council refused to allow a Humanist representative onto the Religious Education advisory council (SACRE). This non-elected body oversees religious education in schools across the County. Read more.

Educating the public about Humanism

We are keen to explain Humanism to people and show you can be moral, ethical and compassionate, without following a religious faith. Members of our group also get involved with discussions about ethical issues. Past examples include:

6th form presentations at Central Sussex College during their Equality and Diversity week.

Display stand at the Sprituality Strategy conference hosted by the NHS Sussex Partnership, arguing the case for the inclusion of Humanist chaplains.

Donations of free Humanist teaching materials to local schools.

Radio talks and press interviews.

Contact us if you would like a member to visit your school, organisation or group to explore Humanism or ethical issues.


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Remembrance Sunday Campaign

The Chichester Observer made a video and wrote an article covering the laying of a Humanist wreath after the main religious ceremony. A transcript of the speech can be downloaded here.

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The non-religious should be represented on the Religious Education advisory council
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